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All That Breathes 12 rating

Two brothers struggle to run their homegrown hospital for birds in Delhi as the challenges of extreme pollution and social unrest loom, in Shaunak Sen’s visually captivating documentary.

Documentary 2022 94 mins

Director: Shaunak Sen



Nadeem and Saud rescue injured kites and vultures – considered impure because they eat carrion – which struggle to survive in Delhi’s contaminated environment. An overcrowded, garbage-strewn street in a middle-class neighbourhood of Delhi might seem an improbable backdrop for a profound meditation on the relationship between humans and nature. But within this world, Sen constructs a dreamscape that is as magnificent as it is inclusive. From sweeping shots of kites in flight to following scurrying rats and swarms of flies, All That Breathes makes a moving case for no living creature being too insignificant or unworthy of attention, love and care.