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Great Yarmouth: Provisional FiguresGreat Yarmouth: Provisional Figures

Drama2023113 minsDirector: Marco Martins and Marco Martins

As Brexit looms on the horizon, hundreds of migrant workers arrive in the coastal town of Great Yarmouth looking for work, in Marco Martins’ damning depiction of immigrant life in a fracturing Britain.

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Comedy202390 minsDirector: Charlotte Regan

A gorgeous and colourful heart-warming gem from Charlotte Regan, one of the best new voices in British film.

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The Night of the 12thThe Night of the 12th

Drama2022114 minsDirector: Dominik Moll

A newly promoted detective is assigned to a young woman’s chilling murder in this deeply arresting crime thriller based on true events.

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Love LifeLove Life

Drama2022123 minsDirector: Koji Fukada

A couple find their relationship in a precarious state following a tragedy, in Kōji Fukada’s subtle portrait of the frailty of human relationships.

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Plan 75Plan 75

Drama2022113 minsDirector: Chie Hayakawa

Faced with a rapidly ageing population, a government in near-future Japan rolls out an unsettling agenda.

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Anatomy of HellAnatomy of Hell

Drama200377 minsDirector: Catherine Breillat

Catherine Breillat's rigorously intellectual exploration of sexuality, about a woman who employs a gay man to spend days watching her naked.

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The BeastsThe Beasts

Drama2022138 minsDirector: Rodrigo Sorogoyen

Denis Ménochet (Peter von Kant) stars as a small-town farmer whose idyllic lifestyle turns into a living nightmare, in this rivetingly structured, slow-burn thriller.

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Sex Is ComedySex Is Comedy

Comedy200295 minsDirector: Catherine Breillat

A director struggles to film a difficult sex scene between two actors who happen to hate each other, in Catherine Breillat's witty exploration of intimacy coordination.

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The Eight MountainsThe Eight Mountains

Drama2022147 minsDirector: Felix Van Groeningen and Charlotte Vandermeersch

An epic journey of friendship and self-discovery set against a magnificent and breath-taking Italian landscape, winner of the 2022 Cannes Jury Prize.

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The Wages of FearThe Wages of Fear

Crime1953153 minsDirector: Henri-Georges Clouzot

Henri-Georges Clouzot's classic, nail-biting suspense thriller won both The Golden Bear and the Palme d'Or in 1953.

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Frances HaFrances Ha

Comedy201286 minsDirector: Noah Baumbach

Barbie creators Greta Gerwig and Noah Baumbach hit their stride with this critical smash about an awkward girl and her complex passions.

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Science Fiction202279 minsDirector: Andrew Legge

Two sisters in WWII Britain invent a machine that can decode TV broadcasts from the future, in this irresistible found-footage sci-fi that buzzes with timeless ingenuity.

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The LoverThe Lover

Drama1992115 minsDirector: Jean-Jacques Annaud

Jean-Jacques Annaud's powerful, intimate, and sensual adaptation of the best-selling novel by Marguerite Duras.

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Lunana: A Yak in the ClassroomLunana: A Yak in the Classroom

Drama2019109 minsDirector: Pawo Choyning Dorji

A city-loving teacher struggling for inspiration travels to the most remote school in the world in this quietly majestic Academy Award-nominated drama.

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Drama2022128 minsDirector: Saim Sadiq

A conservative family in Pakistan is torn apart when a son falls in love with a transgender erotic dancer, in Saim Sadiq’s riveting queer drama.

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Pretty Red DressPretty Red Dress

Drama2022110 minsDirector: Dionne Edwards

One dress changes everything for a family in Dionne Edwards’ brilliant debut. Defiant, uplifting and with music at its core.

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Lady MacbethLady Macbeth

Period drama201789 minsDirector: William Oldroyd

Florence Pugh shines in this exceptional British debut of a young wife's need for freedom, whatever the cost.

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Blue JeanBlue Jean

Drama202297 minsDirector: Georgia Oakley

A closeted PE teacher reckons with her identity during Thatcherite Britain in Georgia Oakley’s delicate yet gripping BAFTA-nominated debut.

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God's CreaturesGod's Creatures

Drama2022100 minsDirector: Saela Davis and Anna Rose Holmer

Paul Mescal and Emily Watson star in this gripping Irish psychological drama that asks how far you might go to protect someone you love.

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The HandmaidenThe Handmaiden

Period drama2016146 minsDirector: Park Chan-wook

Park Chan-wook (Oldboy, Stoker) channels Sarah Waters’ novel Fingersmith, to create a sumptuous twisty psychological thriller full of erotic intrigue.

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Tokyo StoryTokyo Story

Drama1953136 minsDirector: Yasujirō Ozu

A constant fixture in critics' polls, Yasujirō Ozu's most enduring masterpiece is a beautifully nuanced exploration of filial duty, expectation and regret.

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Black God, White DevilBlack God, White Devil

Drama1964119 minsDirector: Glauber Rocha

Wanted for killing his boss, Manuel and his wife flee to a primordial violent region in Glauber Rocha's masterpiece and banner film of Brazil's Cinema Novo movement.

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The Quiet GirlThe Quiet Girl

Drama202191 minsDirector: Colm Bairéad

A neglected girl lives a joyful summer in Colm Bairéad's Academy Award-nominated debut that combines outstanding beauty and heart-wrenching performances.

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Sick of MyselfSick of Myself

Comedy202297 minsDirector: Kristoffer Borgli

She just did what! Attention-seeking Signe will do anything to keep the focus on herself, in this wildly demented comedy.

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La HaineLa Haine

Drama199598 minsDirector: Mathieu Kassovitz

Mathieu Kassovitz’s landmark mid-90s drama throws a cinematic Molotov cocktail at structural racism, police brutality and media manipulation.

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Drama202286 minsDirector: Jerzy Skolimowski

The joint winner of the Cannes Jury Prize and Academy Award-nominated, EO is a strangely wonderful tale where the dark and light of humanity is laid bare.

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Drama202290 minsDirector: Ulrich Seidl

Impeccably styled and unflinchingly grim, this darkly humorous tale of a pop star past his prime finds Ulrich Seidl at his audacious best.

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