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Living 12 rating

Based on Akira Kurosawa's Ikiru, Academy Award-nominated Bill Nighy stars as a man determined to wake from his slumber and make a mark on the world.

Drama 2020 102 mins

Director: Oliver Hermanus



Having lived in a stupor since his wife’s death, Williams (Nighy) lives out his life through the observance of daily rituals. But then the civil servant receives some shocking news. A modest man, Williams embarks on an odyssey of discovery, encountering seaside bohemian Sutherland (Tom Burke) and opening up to co-worker Margaret (Sex Education’s Aimee Lou Wood).

Director Oliver Hermanus (Moffie), screenwriter Kazuo Ishiguro (author of Remains of the Day and Never Let Me Go), producer Stephen Woolley (Carol), the consummate trio behind Living, have created a film of tremendous balance and grace, which hums with their love of cinema. Sandy Powell’s costumes are crisp monotones with eager accents of colour, while cinematographer Jamie Ramsay’s chilly silvery frames perfectly capture Whitehall in the 1950s. And Nighy, nominated for an Academy Award for his performance, imbues every scene with a quiet and wistful sense of wonder.