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Master Gardener 15 rating

Joel Edgerton stars as a meticulous horticulturalist with a dark past, in Paul Schrader’s creeping gritty thriller.

Drama 2022 111 mins



Narvel Roth (Joel Edgerton) is a meticulous horticulturist who is devoted to tending the picturesque grounds of a southern plantation estate owned by wealthy dowager, Mrs. Haverhill (Sigourney Weaver). When she demands that he take on a new apprentice, her wayward and troubled great niece, dark secrets from a violent past threaten to surface and endanger them all.

Another edition to visionary writer-director Paul Schrader’s line up of damaged men with a problematic past, Master Gardener concludes his loose trilogy following First Reformed (2017) and The Card Counter (2021).