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Tiger Orange Tiger Orange

Drama 2014 76 mins Director: Wade Gasque

Big city morality and sex culture clash with small town values in this sweet tale of two gay brothers.

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Beautiful Thing Beautiful Thing

Comedy 1996 91 mins Director: Hettie Macdonald

Hettie MacDonald’s 1996 comedy tells the story of two classmates and neighbours (Glen Berry, Scott Neal) who fall in love over one summer in South East London.

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Raging Grace Raging Grace

Drama 2023 100 mins Director: Paris Zarcilla

Writer-director Paris Zarcilla’s debut film elegantly balances gothic horror and social drama, producing an unholy child of a film that provokes as much as it spooks.

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The Dreamers The Dreamers

Drama 2004 115 mins Director: Bernardo Bertolucci

Paris in 1968 forms the backdrop for this romantic drama about an American student who bonds with a brother and sister over their love of cinema.