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Lie with Me 15 rating

Olivier Peyon’s captivating drama finds an author experiencing powerful emotions as he looks back to his first, youthful love affair.

Drama 2022 98 mins

Director: Olivier Peyon



When he is invited to be brand ambassador for a cognac label celebrating its 200th anniversary, acclaimed novelist Stéphane Belcourt returns to his hometown for the first time in decades. On discovering that one of the organisers of his trip is his first lover’s son, emotional memories of a secret adolescent passion come flooding back. The poisonous atmosphere of the town the boys grew up in and their necessarily repressed desires unsettle Stéphane. But as feelings of guilt and desire clash with unprocessed grief and other emotional wounds, many of which Stéphane grappled with in his first novel, the present is about to throw up more complications about this pivotal love affair.

Peyon’s film employs the beauty of the French countryside as a counterpoint to the turbulence of Stéphane’s emotions, which are conveyed in all their complexity by Guillaume de Tonquédec.