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Boys on Film 24: Happy Endings 18 rating

A compilation of new gay short films showcasing unashamedly positive stories of love, sex and romance to move, inspire and uplift.

Anthology 2024 174 mins

Director: Jason Bradbury, Jesse Ung, Diego Alvarez Parra, Itai Jamshy, Fabia Martin, Alejandro Sandoval Bertín, Sara Larrota, Benjamin Belloir, Jeremy McClain and Arthur Cahn



An inspiring, uplifting collection of eleven new gay short films, showcasing the best filmmaking talent from around the world and starring George Webster (Strictly), Enzo Vogrincic (Society of the Snow), Simon Retford (Coronation Street) and Jeremy McClain (Pose). Boys on Film 24 presents over two hours of unashamedly positive stories of love, sex and romance.

The full line-up of shorts includes: WE COLLIDE (Dir. Jason Bradbury), FIRSTS (Dir. Jesse Ung), SEA SPARKLES (Dir. Diego Alvarez Parra), ALOOF (Dir. Itai Jamshy), THE REV (Dir. Fabia Martin), PRELUDE (Dir. Alejandro Sandoval Bertín & Sara Larrota), BEAUTIFUL STRANGERS (Dir. Benjamin Belloir), YOU LIKE THAT (Dir. Jeremy McClain), THURSDAY, FRIDAY, SATURDAY (Dir. Arthur Cahn), S.A.M. (Dir. Neil Ely & Lloyd Eyre-Morgan), L’HOMME INCONNU (Dir. Anthony Schatteman).