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The Uncertain Kingdom Volume One 15 rating

The first part of a new and urgent anthology of short films offering a unique snapshot of the UK in 2020.

Anthology 2020 122 mins


Climate change, migration, disability, homelessness and sexuality are just some of the subjects explored in The Uncertain Kingdom, a new and urgent anthology of twenty short films from twenty directors that together offer a unique snapshot of the UK in 2020. From comedies and dramas, to documentaries and experimental pieces, made by a mix of new talent and established names including Hope Dickson Leach (The Levelling) and Antonia Campbell-Hughes (as seen in Kelly + Victor).

The included films in Volume One are: MOTHERLAND - d. Ellen Evans ACRE FALL BETWEEN - d. Antonia Campbell-Hughes CAMELOT - d. Alison Hargreaves ERNIE - d. Ray Panthaki SWAN - d. Sophie King STRONG IS BETTER THAN ANGRY - d. Hope Dickson Leach GRIT/OYSTER - d. Rebecca Lloyd-Evans BRITISH PEOPLE - d. Lab Ky Mo WE ARE NOT THE PROBLEM - d. Dominika Ożyńska THE CONVERSATION - d. Lanre Malaolu