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An Evening with Beverly Luff Linn 15 rating

Lulu Danger's (Aubrey Plaza) unsatisfying marriage takes a turn for the worse when a former lover comes to town in this strange and surreal comedy.

Comedy 2017 108 mins

Director: Jim Hosking



In a small American town, Lulu Danger (Aubrey Plaza) is in a loveless marriage with diner manager Shane (Emile Hirsch). Lulu heads to a hotel where a mysterious silent performer named Beverly Luff Linn is starring in a show. Lulu and Luff Linn have an unresolved romantic history but Lulu’s hopes of reuniting with Luff Linn are challenged when a naive gunman named Colin (Jermaine Clement) falls in love with her.

Anyone familiar with British director Jim Hosking's previous film, The Greasy Strangler, will be aware of his taste for the grotesque extremes of American perversity. Pitching his comedy at the outer edges of weirdness is sure to divide audiences, but disciples of John Waters (for example) are sure to appreciate the heightened absurdity of Hosking's macabre mirth-making.