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The Greasy Strangler 18 rating

A father-son love triangle unleashes the unstoppable urges of the Greasy Strangler, in this gloriously deranged hybrid of gross-out comedy and gonzo horror.

Comedy 2016 93 mins

Director: Jim Hosking



The spirit of John Waters lives on in this gloriously deranged meeting of gross-out comedy and gonzo horror. A bitter love-triangle erupts between Braden and his father Ronnie after they become jointly smitten by an attendee of their downtown Disco walking tour, Janet. A conflict further complicated by an upsurge in nocturnal attacks by the mysterious Greasy Strangler.

British director Jim Hoskins ensured his name won’t be easily forgotten with his LA-shot debut feature that sears its imagery into one’s retinas and burrows its warped sensibility into the brain. With its mixture of black comedy, cartoonish gore and sicko sex scenes, underscored by a demented Andrew Hung (F*** Buttons) soundtrack and lovingly slathered in copious quantities of grease, Hoskins has created the most spectacularly odd feature of this – or any – year. Clearly inspired by outré ‘80s horror comedies like Street Trash and Big Meat Eater, but persistently enlivened by its Napoleon Dynamite-esque strand of absurdist humour, The Greasy Strangler is an oozingly oleaginous trash classic.