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Seaway To Northern Ireland

Welcome aboard the Ulster Queen; as excited holidaymakers travel from Liverpool to Belfast. From the mythological to modern discover what awaits those who cross the Irish Sea.

Travelogue 1969 22 mins

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Voyage across the Irish Sea with comfort and ease in the magnificent surroundings of the Ulster Queen. Take a spin on the ferry’s turntable; let staff attend to your every need while we glimpse the delights that wait on shore. As well as useful travel tips you can enjoy a traditional music session and some tall-tale telling in a Fermanagh pub. Keep an eye out and you might just catch Fionn Mac Cumhaill abandoning his causeway to travel in style.

Built in 1967 by Harland & Wolff Ltd for the Belfast Steamship Company, boutique liner Ulster Queen was, at the time, considered both a practical and rather glamorous means of making the trip from Liverpool to Belfast. However, its life running the night route between the two cities would be shortlived, with the service closing in 1981. Here, though, we can see the vessel in its heyday as a passenger ferry. This film was produced by the Northern Ireland Tourist Board. This government department was particularly busy in the mid-1950s to late 1960s, creating films that aimed to sell Northern Ireland as a holiday destination.