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The Open Door

Witness the changing face of psychiatric care in this hospital sponsored public information film

Documentary 21 mins


Follow the 6 week journey to recovery of a fictional patient in the real Gransha Psychiatric Hospital. This film is written and directed by John Hume, the principle architect of the Good Friday Agreement and a leading figure in the civil rights movement in Northern Ireland. Glimpse the recreational, occupational and industrial therapies that indicate the gradually changing attitudes and provision for the treatment of mental illness in the Derry hospital.

This film was produced by two Derry teachers, celebrated filmmaker Terence Mc Donald and John Hume, future leader of the SDLP and winner of the 1998 Nobel Peace Prize for his pivotal role in the Northern Ireland Peace Process. Terence McDonald was an innovative and prolific amateur filmmaker. His remarkable body of work includes sensitive documentaries, dystopian fiction, slapstick comedy and promotional films for the Northern Ireland Tourist Board and the Northern Ireland Resurgence Trust. This public information film is just one of many gems by Terence McDonald and John Hume that you can watch on the BFI Player. This material is courtesy of his son Peter McDonald.