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The Man From A.U.N.T.

Who is this mysterious man causing chaos in the city of a 1000 rumours? Watch tonight’s feature from Alfred Hiccup to discover Derry’s hidden world.

Comedy 1965 5 mins

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Alfred Hiccup presents the Man from Aunt. Will this be a thrilling tale of secret international counter-espionage? Travel to the city of a thousand rumors to find out! Terence McDonald brilliantly weaves two popular shows from the time into his own slapstick homage to early cinema amongst the walls and docks of Derry. The comic cast come from the local community and the two boys are Terence McDonald’s pupils from The Brow of the Hill School.

Terence McDonald (1926 – 2001) was a teacher, film historian, film collector and a pioneering amateur filmmaker from Derry. He made 35 films in his lifetime covering a wide range of themes such as mental health, travelling theatre, and portraits of his home town, Derry. His playful fiction films often pay homage to classic cinema moments from Peyton Place to Potemkin, from Chaplin to Jacques Tati. Terence McDonald undertook all aspects of production - filming, sound recording and editing and produced a body of remarkably sophisticated work. This film is courtesy of his son, Peter McDonald.