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Royal Visits to Hull

The never ending Royal tour revisits Hull twice in a decade, with the Duke, the Queen and Prince Charles working their charm on children, factory workers and ex-seamen alike.

Non-Fiction 1978 14 mins Silent

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The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh are entirely relaxed as they chat with veteran seaman at the Missions to Seamen Flying Angel Centre and Trinity House in Hull. Both are in their prime in 1969, along with a young Princess Anne, somewhat less at ease; and are still sprightly eight years later laying the foundation stone for Hull Arena and opening the Marina. In between a young Prince Charles is showing his usual inquisitiveness as he visits a Hull factory making fishing nets.

The occasion for the first visit, including the Queen, Prince Philip, the Prince of Wales and Princess Anne, was the 600th anniversary of the foundation of the Guild of Masters, Pilots and Seamen based in Trinity House; although its origins go back a further 200 years when the people of Wyke (Hull) organised a supportive community around the chapel that later became Holy Trinity Church. The Christian Missions to Seamen (now Seafarers) goes back to 1856, now giving international support to seafarers around the world. The Hull branch relocated to the port of Hull in 2007. The foundation stone for Hull (Ice) Arena was laid on 17th July 1987. It isn’t apparent which factory Prince Charles is having a tour of.