Celebrity Sells

A celebrity endorsement is one of the advertisers' most powerful weapons. 

For generations, movie stars, television personalities and sporting heroes have all bought in to selling out. A famous face can trigger a string of associations that advertisers hope will reflect well on the product. And for new faces, an advertising gig can be the path to recognition, and a career which enables you to be the star turn.

Behind the camera, too, advertising commissions can kickstart a career or offer a lucrative sideline. Directors like Alan Parker, Ridley Scott and Hugh Hudson got an early boost from advertising work, and many continued to shoot ads long after they 'made it' in features.

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Guinness - PlinthsGuinness - Plinths

Advert19761 mins

Pete and Dud prove to be stout football fans in this Guinness commercial recalling a great sporting moment - however fleeting.

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Target - Geoff HurstTarget - Geoff Hurst

Advert19681 mins

England's 1966 hat-trick hero doesn't sweat the small stuff - or at all, according to this deodorant commercial.

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The EconomistThe Economist

Advert192113 minsSilent

Silent comedian Walter Forde takes an illuminating trip around the Osram light bulb factory in this bizarre advertising film.

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Sam's BirthdaySam's Birthday

Advert19346 minsSilent

Master of the monologue Stanley Holloway salutes his wondrous and capacious new suitcase in this magical advertising film.

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Sam Goes ShoppingSam Goes Shopping

Advert19396 mins

Stanley Holloway recounts the exploits of Sam Small, whose wife sends him shopping for... what was it again?

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Sheila SimSheila Sim

Advert19451 minsSilent

Star of stage and screen Sheila Sim explains why she uses Lux toilet soap.

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Close-ups of the StarsClose-ups of the Stars

Advert19466 mins

A triple bill of glamour courtesy of Lux toilet soap.

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Coca-Cola: Hey Coke - Masquerade BallCoca-Cola: Hey Coke - Masquerade Ball

Advert19581 mins

Don’t be alone out there - watch this early British Coke ad with an unknown Anna Karina.

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Arthur's Holiday CampArthur's Holiday Camp

Advert19492 minsSilent

‘Big hearted’ Arthur Askey fools around as he tries to get fit at a holiday camp in this sparkling advert for Gibbs SR toothpaste.

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Coca-Cola: Hey Coke - PartyCoca-Cola: Hey Coke - Party

Advert19580 mins

Party with a pre-fame Anna Karina in this early British Coke ad.

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Coca-Cola: Hey Coke - BeachCoca-Cola: Hey Coke - Beach

Advert19580 mins

Hey Coke! Can you stop shouting at Anna Karina?

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Pye Cinema & TV Advertisement starring John CleesePye Cinema & TV Advertisement starring John Cleese

Advert19701 mins Location: Cambridge

Actor, comedian, and Monty Python, John Cleese plays to type as a sophisticate loony in this advertisement for Pye Electronics of Cambridge.

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Shell: Sammy Davis Jr.Shell: Sammy Davis Jr.

Advert19611 minsSilent

Sammy Davis Jr sings “You’re Going Well on Shell” in this mini-musical sprint across London.

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Coca-Cola: Mary HopkinCoca-Cola: Mary Hopkin

Advert19691 mins

Mary Hopkin takes a stroll along the beach in this melancholy Coke ad.

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Harp - Ronnie Barker (Version 1)Harp - Ronnie Barker (Version 1)

Advert19720 mins

Ronnie Barker of The Two Ronnies advises viewers to stock up with some cans of Harp lager in this chirpy early seventies TV advert.