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Sam Goes Shopping

Stanley Holloway recounts the exploits of Sam Small, whose wife sends him shopping for... what was it again?

Advert 1939 6 mins


Popular comedian and monologuist Stanley Holloway recounts another exploit of Sam Small, his most celebrated character, in this fun promo for the Co-Operative Wholesale Society. Sam goes shopping for his wife and forgets what she wants - except that it begins with a ‘D’. Holloway is seen at the start and end of the film, and the appearance of a young Terry-Thomas is a surprise dividend...

From the late 1920s, actor and musical performer Stanley Holloway had begun to record, and incorporate in to his stage act, comic monologues featuring (among many other subjects) the misadventures of Sam Small. The character proved enormously popular, and Holloway kept Sam alive into the early 1950s.