Animation Goes to Work

For those with an official message to get across, animation is the perfect messenger 

Animation has an almost magical ability to charm and captivate. And those same qualities also make it a strikingly effective communication tool. It grabs attention, speaks to all ages, and can distil complex messages into simple and appealing visual metaphors. For government or other august bodies, cartoon antics have often been the perfect jam to sweeten the pill of official communications, whether to explain sweeping change or impart health and safety messages. And for the inventive animator, even the most utilitarian brief is no barrier to the most outlandish of treatments. 

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Public Information Filler19731 mins

Who needs to talk to strangers when you're the only one who can understand the garbled mewling of your best buddy cat, Charley?

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Giro - Fast and LooseGiro - Fast and Loose

Animation & Artists Moving Image19359 mins

Don’t listen to Slacky the Sloucher or Giro the Germ will stage a jailbreak – public health cartoon by the Health & Cleanliness Council

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Animation & Artists Moving Image195710 mins

Ye Gods! It’s the future of telecommunications – as seen through a cartoon modern lens from the 1950s

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John the BullJohn the Bull

Advert19305 mins

Bloody foreign cows coming over here and becoming our dinners

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The Dream of Arthur SleapThe Dream of Arthur Sleap

Advert19721 mins

Dangerously addicted to boring old movies? This is a case for Dr BFI, as demonstrated in this 1970s animated promo

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"T" For Teacher"T" For Teacher

Sponsored film19475 mins

Do you know the golden rules of tea making? The Tea Bureau set out to put your cuppa straight in this progressively designed post-war cartoon

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Robinson CharleyRobinson Charley

Animation & Artists Moving Image194810 mins

No man is an island, but Charley represents his nation in this economical cartoon tale of Britain’s economics

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The Story of TimeThe Story of Time

Animation & Artists Moving Image195010 mins

… as brought to you by Rolex, with the help of incredible model animation.

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A Modern Guide to HealthA Modern Guide to Health

Animation & Artists Moving Image19469 mins

Modern advice and old-fashioned values combine in this postwar animated health guide from the makers of Animal Farm

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Mummy Should KnowMummy Should Know

Animation & Artists Moving Image19731 mins

Killjoy, or conscience of a generation? Charley cat scuppers a playdate, but earns a fishy picnic through doing the right thing

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Tufty - ShoppingTufty - Shopping

Public Information Filler19731 minsSilent

The lure of a toy shop proves almost too much for Tufty the squirrel

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Abu and the Poisoned WellAbu and the Poisoned Well

Animation & Artists Moving Image19438 mins

Hitler as a snake and Mussolini as a toad feature in this British propaganda cartoon made for distribution in the Middle East

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Pretend You'll SurvivePretend You'll Survive

Animation & Artists Moving Image19819 mins

Nuclear nightmares realised in cartoon form by a Yorkshire women’s collective that advocates protest over pointless preparation

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Bob in the PoundBob in the Pound

Advert19432 mins

Fun-filled singalong savings ad with a dangerously catchy theme tune.

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Compost HeapCompost Heap

Government sponsored film19422 mins

A talking cabbage plant will win you over in this Second World War cartoon trailer, which has a surprising charm.

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Charley's Black MagicCharley's Black Magic

Animation & Artists Moving Image19499 mins

Cartoon propaganda short sweetens the pill of post-war coal prices by promising jam tomorrow

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Pattern for ProgressPattern for Progress

Industry sponsored film194842 mins Location: Ebbw Vale/Glyn Ebwy

The drama and spectacle of steelmaking at Ebbw Vale.

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Local Government: A History in PicturesLocal Government: A History in Pictures

Documentary194911 mins Location: Norwich

An illustrated history of the thousand years of local government in Norwich

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Balance 1950Balance 1950

Sponsored film19518 mins

Stylish – and unusual – animated short

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Christmas Is ComingChristmas Is Coming

Animation & Artists Moving Image19511 mins

Santa's on strike! This charming animation for the GPO advises early posting to keep Father Christmas onside.

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Summer TravellingSummer Travelling

Animation & Artists Moving Image19451 mins

Delayed trains, crowded carriages, and standing room only: Blitz spirit makes a parent's nightmare commute a walk in the park

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Charley in New TownCharley in New Town

Animation & Artists Moving Image19488 mins

Charley says (no, not that one) that Britain’s new towns are great

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Think of the FutureThink of the Future

Animation & Artists Moving Image19568 mins

A highly animated answer to the question of rising living standards.

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The CandlemakerThe Candlemaker

Animation & Artists Moving Image195713 mins

An animated tale with a Lutheran message that's equal parts Christmas spirit and good old-fashioned guilt

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For Better, For WorseFor Better, For Worse

Animation & Artists Moving Image196111 mins

Married to your television? This cartoon gives you an opportunity to re-evaluate your relationship with the gogglebox

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Cycling Proficiency Scheme: Father and SonCycling Proficiency Scheme: Father and Son

Advert19591 mins

"Dad... I want a bike!” Fun animated campaign aimed at 50s parents and their over-eager offspring.

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Stagger Working Hours: CattleStagger Working Hours: Cattle

Advert19590 mins

Official government permission to stagger into work late. Hurrah!

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LFF Trailer 1995LFF Trailer 1995

Animation & Artists Moving Image19951 mins

Aardman turn the cinema screen into a mirror and offer this delightful portrait of the typical film festival audience

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Drink Drive Office Party Cartoon Drink Drive Office Party Cartoon

Advert19641 mins

Quirky photo-montage film warning of the perils of drink driving.

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Man of No AccountMan of No Account

Advert19611 mins

Cartoon modernism meets modern banking in this innovative cinema ad for Barclays Bank

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Is This a Record?Is This a Record?

Comedy197322 mins

Pythons join Frank Muir, Connie Booth and Willie Rushton celebrating the Guinness Book of Records.

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Solid FuelSolid Fuel

Animation & Artists Moving Image19650 mins

A chorus of coal fires sing for their cut-price supper in this short animated ad for the National Coal Board.

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The Rise of Parnassus NeedyThe Rise of Parnassus Needy

Animation & Artists Moving Image196614 mins

From rhymes to riches – Parnassus Needy finds success thanks to his Barclays bank manager

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A Mug's Game, Or, How to Squash a Lemon HeadA Mug's Game, Or, How to Squash a Lemon Head

Animation & Artists Moving Image19674 mins

Yo-yo, Pogo and Splat (guess which one's the lemon head?) feature in this innovative stop-motion railway safety film

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The Princess and the Wonderful WeaverThe Princess and the Wonderful Weaver

Animation & Artists Moving Image196812 mins

It’s the 60s – what better way to sell wool than animating a spurious fable about a mile-high naked princess?

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G.E.C. 1G.E.C. 1

Animation & Artists Moving Image19696 mins Location: Liverpool

An animated call to arms against factory closures on Merseyside, mixing Terry Gilliam-style stomping feet with agitprop angst.

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Rate Rebates 1969Rate Rebates 1969

Public Information Filler19691 mins

Zippy public information animation on how to keep up with the Joneses - by getting a rebate on rates.

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Careful CharlieCareful Charlie

Animation & Artists Moving Image19703 mins

Cartoon calamities are in store for the proper Charlie in this rail worker safety message, but there's serious advice too

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Streets AheadStreets Ahead

Instructional film/TV programme197020 mins Location: Exeter

Miracle urban renewal and redevelopment in Victorian Newtown, Exeter.

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Space InvaderSpace Invader

Public Information Filler19821 mins

Kitsch public information filler inspired by the classic arcade game

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Little Johnny Head-in-AirLittle Johnny Head-in-Air

School programme and Educational film19717 mins

Bill Blinky, a mansize Belisha Beacon, teaches daydreamer Little Johnny head-in-air the Green Cross Code - a song with a road safety message.

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Children and Disused RefrigeratorsChildren and Disused Refrigerators

Public Information Filler19711 minsSilent

Public information film about the dangers of old fridges which lays its 'safety first' message on with a spade

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Thud and Blunder in Knock off TimeThud and Blunder in Knock off Time

Animation & Artists Moving Image19642 mins

Miners' safety training - marked by stylish animation and gallows humour.

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Animation & Artists Moving Image19731 mins

Home safety is child's play if you have the feline guardian angel of the 70s on hand

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Filling the GapFilling the Gap

Animation & Artists Moving Image19425 mins

No time to veg out – there's a war on. Get your vegetables out!

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In the KitchenIn the Kitchen

Animation & Artists Moving Image19731 mins

If you can't stand the heat, Charley, get out of the kitchen and spread your message

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Trouble in ToytownTrouble in Toytown

Public Information Filler194614 mins Location: Poole

An immensely charming toy story in which a distracted pupil becomes an attentive teacher and explains road safety to dolls

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Willie Does His StuffWillie Does His Stuff

Advert19484 mins

White elephant Willie becomes a volunteer collector for the National Savings scheme in this Technicolor animation

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Frank Muir Falls into a Kitchen ThinkFrank Muir Falls into a Kitchen Think

Animation & Artists Moving Image197410 mins

Would you like some Muir? Expect many similar puns in this light-hearted but fact-filled cartoon on kitchen planning

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Tim Marches BackTim Marches Back

Government sponsored film19442 mins

A Peter Strausfeld animation, encouraging the public to use the telephone more sparingly in wartime.

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Tufty - Playing Near the RoadTufty - Playing Near the Road

Public Information Filler19731 minsSilent

Tufty and friends - a road safety classic remastered!

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Animation & Artists Moving Image19731 mins

Charley's cat-astrophic teatime hijinks leave him with a burning message to share

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Super Natural GasSuper Natural Gas

Documentary197510 mins

Kenneth Williams as the voice of methane? It’s a gas! This British Gas sponsored short is the origin of cult kids TV classic Willo the Wisp

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The RefereeThe Referee

Animation & Artists Moving Image19764 mins

Wrestling as a metaphor for race relations in this short aimed at Britain's South-Asian community

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Dusty No. 6 : Dusty Says Keep Britain TidyDusty No. 6 : Dusty Says Keep Britain Tidy

Public Information Filler19780 mins

Dusty the kangaroo catches a shadowy figure in the act of dumping an old mattress in this campaigning cartoon

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Dusty No. 12: Dusty Says Keep Britain TidyDusty No. 12: Dusty Says Keep Britain Tidy

Public Information Filler19780 mins

Dusty the kangaroo patrols a train in this campaigning cartoon - until she comes upon a litter strewn carriage...

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Dusty No. 16 : Dusty Says Keep Britain TidyDusty No. 16 : Dusty Says Keep Britain Tidy

Public Information Filler19780 mins

Nothing beats a relaxing picnic on the beach – but beware Dusty the kangaroo

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The History of GreaseThe History of Grease

Animation & Artists Moving Image19826 mins

Grease is the word in this comic sponsored short for lubricant products that is literally filled with monkey business

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Falling in the WaterFalling in the Water

Animation & Artists Moving Image19731 mins

Kids don't always listen to their parents. But in the 70s they certainly listened to a giant ginger tabby cat...

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Cold ComfortCold Comfort

Animation & Artists Moving Image19441 mins

A dancing radio stops partying to transmit an announcement on fuel conservation in this WWII cartoon short

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The Great GordinoThe Great Gordino

Animation & Artists Moving Image197815 mins

Fans of Mr Benn will recognise the style of this effective and moving campaign film for Save the Children

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Willie Comes to LifeWillie Comes to Life

Animation & Artists Moving Image19483 mins

See how Willie the white elephant is brought to life in an animation studio for a National Savings ad

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Branches of LifeBranches of Life

Animation & Artists Moving Image20164 mins

A woman under sedation for a lung operation sinks inside her own unconscious. Music video for Andreya Triana commissioned for the Body of Songs project.