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When 9-year-old Lily is taken by her father on a surprise road trip to a truck-racing rodeo in far west of Canada, she soon realises she's on a bigger adventure than she first thought.

Drama 2022 81 mins Not rated

Director: Joelle Desjardins Paquette



Lily, 9 years old is torn by her parents separation. Her few joyful moments with her father Serge Jr, are the truck races and rodeos in his big Kenworth W 900 truck. When she is taken on a surprise road trip to the biggest Rodeo in the Badlands, far west of Canada, the adventure starts out as a party. But it turns ominous as the landscape changes and police gets closer Lily soon realizes that there may not be a way back. Through a road trip across Canada, Joëlle Desjardins Paquette takes the world of her childhood – truck-racing festivals – to paint a sensitive portrait of a father-daughter relationship defined by love and a sense of responsibility.