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The Green Perfume

An actor finds himself embroiled in a shadowy conspiracy in Nicolas Pariser's stunning combination of espionage, theatre, and the graphic novel.

Comedy 2022 102 mins Not rated

Director: Nicolas Pariser



In the middle of a performance at la Comédie Française, an actor dies on stage, poisoned. Martin, member of the troupe and friend of the victim becomes the center of everyone’s attention. Suspected by the police, he’s also chased by a mysterious organization the Green Perfume that seems to have ordered the murder. While leading his own investigation, Martin receives the unexpected help of Claire, an eccentric cartoonist in need of adventure. This unlikely duo will live an adventure across Europe to foil the plans of the mysterious Green Perfume. A multifaceted film, this new opus from Nicolas Pariser combines espionage, theatre, and graphic novel to evoke the rise of fascism in Europe. Featuring the irresistible Vincent Lacoste and Sandrine Kiberlain, The Green Perfume wins over audiences with its breaks in tone, pace, and staging.