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The Odyssey PG rating

Jérôme Salle's candid biopic of the underwater explorer and photographer Jacques-Yves Cousteau is a bold tribute to the lure of the sea.

Biopic 2016 123 mins

Director: Jérôme Salle


Pioneer. Innovator. Filmmaker. Adventurer. World-renowned captain Jacques-Yves Cousteau (Lambert Wilson) was many things. Jérôme Salle's film charts the explorer's life through 30 years, from his dramatic decision to quit his military career and devote himself to the sea, to his status as a major opinion-maker. However, Cousteau's flaws are not shied away from either, and his fraught relationship with his favourite son Philippe (Niney) imbues this biopic with a nuanced emotional anchor. Boasting gorgeous underwater cinematography, The Odyssey is a fine tribute to the lure of the sea and the oceanic wonders that so captivated Cousteau.