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I, Tonya 15 rating

Athlete. Champion. Villain. Tonya Harding (Margot Robbie) played them all…

Biopic 2017 120 mins

Director: Craig Gillespie



Landing somewhere between jet-black comedy and domestic horror, Craig Gillespie's film has a gutsy structure that's rarely matched. It helps when you cast Margot Robbie, who brings depth and empathy to the role of ice skating prodigy Tonya Harding, the central player in the sport's most enduring scandal. Steering her toward it is LaVona (Oscar-winning Allison Janney), the mother whose child-rearing skills poison long and often.

The story is outrageous – and as the end credits show, often true – but the skill here is balancing the laughs and the shocks with the tragedy of a young girl born to expect nothing, yet determined to prove them wrong.