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London Road 15 rating

Daring, startling and wholly original: a musical based on the infamous Ipswich murders of 2006, adapted by National Theatre director Rufus Norris.

Musical 2014 92 mins

Director: Rufus Norris



Daring, startling and wholly original, London Road is a musical about the infamous Ipswich murders of 2006, adapted from Alecky Blythe and Adam Cork’s play by the director of the National Theatre, Rufus Norris.

And it’s not just any musical; every lyric is adapted from interviews with residents of the area where the murderer lived and his prostitute victims worked. These are verbatim translations too, meaning that every stammer, pause and repetition is adapted into song. The result is incredibly powerful - every “um” and “er” that’s accentuated reveals something of the protagonists’ deepest and darkest fears. With a top cast including Olivia Colman and Tom Hardy, London Road is a unique and provocative memorial to a stark tragedy, a testament to the quiet determination of those affected, and one of the year’s most distinguished films.