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Hush 15 rating

A tense and terrifying motorway thriller about a man whose girlfriend is kidnapped by a malevolent trucker, directed by former Radio 1 DJ Mark Tonderai.

Thriller 2008 88 mins

Director: Mark Tonderai



During a rain-soaked trip along the M11, Zakes (William Ash) and his girlfriend Beth (Christine Bottomley) spot a caged woman in the back of a truck. When Beth is herself kidnapped, Zakes has to track down and take on the malevolent trucker himself.

With echoes of fabled freeway thrillers such as Duel (1971) and Breakdown (1997), but with an insistently intense and naturalistic atmosphere all of its own, Hush is an impressive low-budget horror that marks the directing debut of former Radio 1 DJ Mark Tonderai.