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Golden Delicious 15 rating

An Asian Canadian teenager grapples with his identity when he falls for the boy next door in this sweet rites-of-passage drama.

Romance 2022 120 mins

Director: Jason Karman



For high school senior Jake, life’s pressures weigh heavily on his adolescent shoulders. If it’s not his father’s insistence he makes the basketball team, it’s his girlfriend making it abundantly clear she is ready to take their relationship to the next level. She’s even got the condoms to prove it. But when Aleks, a basketball-loving, out and proud cutie pie moves into the house across the street, Jake’s interest in shooting hoops and losing his virginity suddenly skyrockets. This is not quite what his father and girlfriend had in mind... Jason Karman’s impeccably crafted debut is pure teen movie heaven, which hides a quietly complex exploration of sexual identity, societal pressure and familial obligation underneath its sweetly nostalgic veneer of familiarity.