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Antiviral 15 rating

Body horror and celebrity satire are served ice cold in this extreme offering from Brandon Cronenberg (son of David).

Horror 2012 108 mins

Director: Brandon Cronenberg



In a world where the fetishisation of celebrity flesh has reached perverse new heights, Syd March (Caleb Jones) harvests viruses from superstars and sells them to adoring fans, carrying them in his own body as he does so. But when one such virus kills a megastar, March finds himself a wanted man.

A strip off the old flesh? Brandon Cronenberg’s film certainly has the hallmarks of his father’s works, from its mysterious corporations centred on biological research to its grisly scenes of body horror. But Brandon’s film is distinctive in its own way, from its pristine white production design to the glacial tone. Nevertheless Antiviral should satisfy the microbial desires of those who hanker for the long-distant danger of Cronenberg senior’s early works.