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Village Shop

The fight to save the village shop at Hamstall Ridware heightens as shoppers fall for the allure of the new fangled supermarket.

Magazine and Review show 1982 6 mins

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At Hamstall Ridware in Staffordshire, Phil Wheatcroft is trying to save his village store as the rise in car ownership prompts customers to look to the convenience of supermarkets. He might be battling against big business but with no viable public transport he might just win. A trip to the Carrefour hypermarket for a price comparison confirms that he still has the edge: although we suspect that this is the Minworth branch and a slightly impractical 45 mile round trip!

The Wheatcrofts must have eventually lost their battle as Hamstall Ridware no longer has a Post Office / village store. It may not be a consolation for the Staffordshire village's Buy Local campaign but Carrefour no longer have a British presence either.