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Sweethearts Forever

Feast your eyes on a bewildering barrage of forgotten British variety turns in this strange low-budget novelty short from 1945.

Musical 1945 34 mins


Elderly sweethearts Ma and Pa - proprietors of a London theatrical boarding house – enjoy a front-room variety show put on by their showbiz tenants in this marvellous cobwebby cornucopia of music-hall madness. Watch and wonder at exotic dancing, a cockney Hawaiian guitar whistler, the bizarre ‘Utility Concert Party’ and a man who impersonates blitz legends Flanagan and Allen - simultaneously.

It seems that no expense was spent on this gloriously low-rent variety curio. Marvel as exotic dancer Mayura (awkwardly shot, mostly from a fixed camera) barely escapes falling over mid-routine when she gets a high heel tangled up in her delightfully diaphanous outfit.