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Devil's Rock

Will new open-air microphone technology give Richard Hayward the chance to silence his critics? Watch as Cushendun and Bangor steal the show.

Musical 1938 51 mins

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Enjoy the somewhat haphazard story of Sam Mulhern, played by Richard Hayward, in his attempts to put on a concert as well as save a young girl from drowning. Though the film was initially criticised for its amateurish storytelling and editing it still provides a landmark in Irish cinema as the first film to be made entirely on location in Ulster starring a full Irish cast. Don’t forget to look out for Roger Casement’s brother Tom as he robs the box office of Bangor’s Tonic Cinema.

Richard Hayward was an energetic actor, producer, singer, songwriter, broadcaster, and author. He sought to highlight Northern Ireland as it was, with a focus on local accents, songs and landscape. The Cinematograph Films Act of 1927, provided incentive for low budget local films to be made called 'quota quickies'. This gave Hayward the opportunity to delve into the world of filmmaking. He lived up to his mantra ‘Irish players for Irish parts,’ casting actors that spoke with authentic Ulster accents. The act effectively ended in 1938 and with it Hayward’s feature film aspirations. However through his efforts and love of Ulster, the film industry of Northern Ireland was born.