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Great songs and great legs in this all-male revue make for an evocative early talkie.

Comedy 1930 83 mins


You'll be humming along with the catchy main tune, I'll Be Getting Along, by the end of this film version of the famous wartime 'revusical' Splinters. Two of the original wartime cast, Hal Jones and Reg Stone, star with support from comedian Sydney Howard. The beauty chorus were all soldiers in drag; not grotesque but convincingly feminine and 'everyone a perfect gentleman'.

GA Atkinson of the Daily Express wrote that Splinters "has some right to be regarded as an authentic war document. It is the complete antidote to the nonsensical war-comedies that come from abroad. Every ex-soldier who sees it must subscribe to the accuracy of its observation … Reg. Stone, surely the best female impersonator that either stage or screen has ever known, heads an all-male beauty chorus which must be seen to be disbelieved".