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Script Night

From war drama to slapstick fun by the Thames, Script Night demonstrates the imagination and self deprecating humour of the club members

Amateur film 1950 15 mins

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This collection of three short films is wrapped around the premise of a Script Night meeting for the members of Kingston & District Cine Club. The addition of music helps to lift the tone. The first story is a cautionary tale about a theft from a Doctor's car and a young child, the second a tale of mistaken location for three airmen during the war, whilst the last is a curious tale of a family trip to the seaside that appears to have been in the shadow of Tower Bridge all along.

The three seperate stories are combined into one film by a self nominated club member, who was drinking throughout the meeting and whose technical skills leave something to be desired! This film is from the collection of Kingston Heritage Service, a member of the London's Screen Archives Network.