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Rowntrees Aero: Train

The bar with unique bubbly texture, using a secret bubbly formula, giving rise to the bubbly banter of bubbly flirting.

Advert 1980 1 mins

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The well-known charms of Nigel Havers are here seen being put into practice in this ad from 1980 for the popular chocolate, Aero. Havers exchanges puns on the bubbly quality of Aeros with an equally bubbly lady on a train.

This is one of a large collection of films made by Rowntree’s of York (now Nestlé), most of which are adverts for their confectionary products. Aero started life back in 1935, the name reflecting a desired association with jet travel, and they soon arrived in New York the following year. From the beginning there was an emphasis in their adverts on what is distinctive about Aeros – the bubbles – and hence slogans like, "It's the bubbles of nothing that make it really something". There has recently been a project to identify the “Aero Girls” that featured in paintings in adverts during the 1950s. Later, in the 1980s, Nigel Havers made a series of better known adverts for Lloyds Bank alongside Jan Francis.