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Cast Us Not Out

Documentary insight into the work of the Jewish Welfare Board, helping some of the most vulnerable people in the community

Documentary 1969 22 mins


With a frank and unflinching approach to the realities of old age, this powerful documentary highlights the elderly living in pitiful conditions and confronts us with the socioeconomic challenges presented by growing ageing populations. The film was sponsored by the Jewish Welfare Board (now part of Jewish Care), likely for fundraising purposes. Jewish traditions of charity, respect for the elderly and communal pride enable the Board to build new care homes, support housing agencies and offer home visits to bring a better quality of life.

Cast Us Not Out offers an emotionally-arresting portrayal of the lives of the elderly in 1969, effectively appealing to the viewer’s sympathy and clearly explaining the practical steps being taken by the Jewish Welfare Board to improve living conditions. The impact of wars, immigration and the breakdown of traditional family structures in the 20th century led to an increasingly isolated elderly population. This caused greater strain on social services and a higher demand for community-based welfare organisations.