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The Railway Children U rating

The beloved children’s classic about a London family who move near a Yorkshire railway station; one of the classiest examples of British period nostalgia.

Period drama 1970 109 mins

Director: Lionel Jeffries



The utterly charming children’s classic follows the Waterbury children as they’re forced to move from London to Yorkshire after their father is imprisoned for espionage. Their homesickness is soon allayed by the joys of a provincial railway station on the nearby steam line. They bond with a variety of colourful local characters, enjoying various escapades before discovering that one of their newfound friends may be able to help with their father’s predicament...

E. Nesbit’s story was filmed three times previously for television, but it’s Lionel Jeffries’ beloved adaptation that remains the definitive version, endowed with a fine cast including a young Jenny Agutter and the evergreen Bernard Cribbins. A perennial fixture in polls of Britain’s best-loved children films, The Railway Children is a steam-powered classic with the most human of hearts.