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The Brand New Testament 15 rating

Catherine Deneuve and Benoît Poelvoorde head the cast in Jaco Van Dormael’s wildly inventive comedy, in which God’s daughter decides to rewrite the rules.

Comedy 2015 110 mins

Director: Jaco van Dormael



What if God were Belgian and a cantankerous, vindictive slob (Benoît Poelvoorde) who runs the whole show from a dilapidated apartment in Brussels? And what if He had a young daughter who one day decided that enough was enough, and set out to write her own gospel, with the help of six of her own disciples? The revolt of young Ea begins with her leaking to everyone on earth the exact time of their death.

Belgian comic visionary Jaco Van Dormael delivers his most flamboyant work since Toto the Hero – a scabrously provocative, philosophically astute parable spiked with satirical invention and visual flamboyance. The disciples include François Damiens as a natural born killer and Catherine Deneuve as a woman who finds true happiness in the arms of a gorilla. Theology was never this much fun.