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Knocking 15 rating

Claustrophobic and chilling psychological thriller about a woman tormented by nocturnal noises, featuring a fierce, soul-baring central performance from Cecilia Milocco.

Horror 2021 79 mins

Director: Frida Kempff


A woman (Molly) who has just experienced a traumatic incident is unnerved by a haunting knocking sound from upstairs in her new apartment building. As the noises become more desperate and increasingly sound like cries for help, she confronts her neighbours, but it seems no one else can hear them. In an unsettling quest for truth, Molly soon realises that no one believes her, and begins to question if she even believes herself – a realisation that is perhaps even more chilling.

With echoes of Roman Polanski, this debut feature from Frida Kempff (who won the Jury Prize at Cannes for one of her shorts) is a chilling and superbly structured psychological thriller that will leave you tempted to keep the lights on.