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Hors Satan 15 rating

A mysterious figure strolls around a French coastal town offering a bizarre and violent path to salvation, in this controversial shocker from Bruno Dumont.

Drama 2011 105 mins

Director: Bruno Dumont


Good or evil? Angel or Satan? A mysterious, near-silent figure strolls the coastal dunes of a small French town, seemingly offering salvation. A troubled teen entrusts him to save her from darkness, but the stranger’s path to redemption is equally violent and disturbing.

Controversial French director Bruno Dumont channels the minimalism of Robert Bresson and the provocation of Pasolini for this piercing, brilliant drama. Lead actor David Dewaele, who is exceptional as the enigmatic wanderer, tragically died only two years after the film was made, making this his last completed feature. But his legacy is this haunting film that was named in the 2011 Top Ten by Cahiers du Cinema and played in competition at the Cannes Film Festival.