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Gregory's Girl 12 rating

The ultimate depiction of coming-of-age awkwardness, Bill Forsyth’s comedy about a teen who falls for the new female footballer on the school team.

Comedy 1981 92 mins

Director: Bill Forsyth



Bill Forsyth’s classic comedy remains the ultimate depiction of coming-of-age awkwardness and an enduring favourite of Scottish cinema. Gregory (John Gordon Sinclair) is the teenager who’s smitten with the new star player of the school football team, the enigmatic Dorothy (Dee Hepburn).

With almost cringe-making authenticity, Forsyth’s film captures the mumbled geekiness of teen love and the fleeting thrills of chip-shop trips and doorstep kisses, years before American indie cinema appropriated the milieu. Digitisation supported by the Mohamed S. Farsi Foundation.