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Close Your Eyes 12 rating

Víctor Erice’s latest cinematic gem, at once a mystery about an actor’s sudden disappearance from a film shoot, and a meditation on memory, identity, friendship – and the power of cinema.

Drama 2023 169 mins

Director: Víctor Erice



Víctor Erice’s first feature in three decades is a characteristically ambitious, richly satisfying meditation on memory, identity, family, friendship… and cinema. Twenty years after an actor’s mysterious disappearance led to a movie-shoot being abandoned, the director, whose career subsequently stalled, reluctantly contributes to a missing-persons television documentary which, once broadcast, has unexpected consequences for a great many people.

Besides succeeding splendidly as engrossing drama, Close Your Eyes is rewarding as a magisterial summation of Erice’s abiding preoccupations. Drawing and building on his own earlier films and unfinished projects while paying tribute to admired auteurs (Sternberg, Hawks, Ray et al), Erice has created a lovely, multi-layered work that is deeply personal, psychologically astute, philosophically profound, and very moving in its warm, generous humanity.