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Black Mountain Poets 15 rating

Alice Lowe and Dolly Wells play criminal sisters who steal the identity of two poets, only to be charmed by the world of competition poetry.

Comedy 2016 85 mins

Director: Jamie Adams



Two criminal sisters on the run find themselves at a rural writers’ retreat, having to assume the identity of a pair of acclaimed poets to pass themselves off. As if inventing verse on the fly wasn’t hard enough, hurdles mount when Lisa (Alice Lowe) falls for another aspiring wordsmith, Richard (Downton Abbey's Tom Cullen), and has to find increasingly novel ways to lure him away from his girlfriend.

Alice Lowe and Dolly Wells (Doll & Em) are wonderfully silly in this charming and frequently funny comedy, in which Lowe trades on her similar role from Ben Wheatley’s Sightseers, another hilarious tale of rural sociopathy (even if much more extreme). Jamie Adam’s largely improvised film was shot in just five days and marks the culmination of his ‘Modern Romance Trilogy’ (Benny & Jolene, A Wonderful Christmas Time), offering further proof of his ability to fuse rom-com elements with edgy and credible comedy.