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Black Magic Rites 18 rating

Renato Polselli’s delirious masterpiece of erotic horror, about a woman who inherits a castle that harbous an occult sect.

Horror 1973 98 mins

Director: Renato Polselli



When beautiful Laureen (Rita Calderoni) throws a wild party at the castle which she has just inherited, she is blissfully unaware that its dark cellar harbours an occult sect that is hellbent on avenging the death of Isabel, who was burned at the stake 600 years earlier as a witch. The occultists’ satanic rituals call for the blood of virgins… Could Laureen be next? Also starring Mickey Hargitay (Will Success Spoil Rock Hunter?), this bizarre, psychedelic fusion of eroticism and Italian Gothic horror is a delirious masterpiece from the mind of one of Italian genre cinema’s most outrageous and uncompromising filmmakers.