Most Popular LGBTQIA+ 2023

Stories with hunger, lust and courage, adventures from the community to rouse and inspire…

Tales of defiance and discovery, hunger, lust and courage; Adventures to rouse and inspire…

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Blue JeanBlue Jean

Drama202297 minsDirector: Georgia Oakley

A closeted PE teacher reckons with her identity during Thatcherite Britain in Georgia Oakley’s delicate yet gripping BAFTA-nominated debut.

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Girls Girls GirlsGirls Girls Girls

Romance2021101 minsDirector: Alli Haapasalo

Three young Finnish women explore love and sex in this spirited coming-of-age drama, which won the World Cinema Dramatic Audience Award at Sundance 2022.

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Drama2022128 minsDirector: Saim Sadiq

A conservative family in Pakistan is torn apart when a son falls in love with a transgender erotic dancer, in Saim Sadiq’s riveting queer drama.

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Pretty Red DressPretty Red Dress

Drama2022110 minsDirector: Dionne Edwards

One dress changes everything for a family in Dionne Edwards’ brilliant debut. Defiant, uplifting and with music at its core.

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Loving HighsmithLoving Highsmith

Documentary202287 minsDirector: Eva Vitija

A beautifully textured study revealing the rich and troubled private life of the writer behind Carol.

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Drama202182 minsDirector: Jamie Patterson

A young woman struggles with her demons, in this arresting sophomore feature from Tucked (Flare 2019) director Jamie Patterson.

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Silent LoveSilent Love

Documentary202272 minsDirector: Marek Kozakiewicz

Marek Kozakiewicz’s intimate documentary debut follows Aga, who moves back home to Poland to care for her brother whilst hiding her relationship from the authorities.

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The Ground Beneath My FeetThe Ground Beneath My Feet

Drama2019108 minsDirector: Marie Kreutzer

Ghosts from the past threaten to engulf Lola’s tightly controlled present in this taut Austrian thriller from the director of Corsage.

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The Living EndThe Living End

Drama199285 minsDirector: Gregg Araki

In this cult piece of New Queer Cinema, two unlikely buddies hit the road with a nihilistic mission after they're both diagnosed with HIV.

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Lingua FrancaLingua Franca

Drama201994 minsDirector: Isabel Sandoval

An undocumented immigrant searches for safety and security in Isabel Sandoval's poignant mix of love story and social drama.

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El ÁngelEl Ángel

Crime2018115 minsDirector: Luis Ortega

The controversial exploits of baby-faced Argentine serial killer Carlos Robledo Puch are exhilaratingly reinterpreted in this stylish biopic.

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Drama201895 minsDirector: Darko Štante

A teenage tearaway is forced to face up to his actions and confront his burgeoning sexuality, in this provocative Slovenian coming-of-age tale.

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Luminous ProcuressLuminous Procuress

Fantasy197174 minsDirector: Steven Arnold

Steven Arnold's psychedelic odyssey is a hedonistic celebration of gender-fluidity and pan-sexuality in late 60s San Francisco.

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Beach RatsBeach Rats

Drama201798 minsDirector: Eliza Hittman

Gripping account of repressed sexual desire in a hyper-masculine environment, with British newcomer Harris Dickinson as a virulently macho Brooklyn teen.

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Drama2021107 minsDirector: Peeter Rebane

At the height of the Cold War, a love triangle between a junior officer, his best friend and a handsome fighter pilot enters dangerous territory.

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In from the SideIn from the Side

Drama2021135 minsDirector: Matt Carter

The lives of a London gay rugby team, both on and off the pitch, are explored in this assured feature which reveals the many different games that people play.

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Colors of TobiColors of Tobi

Documentary202182 minsDirector: Alexa Bakony

A mesmerising portrait of a family grappling with teenage gender dysphoria, this uplifting documentary exudes the defiant message that love is all you need.

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I Don't Want to Sleep AloneI Don't Want to Sleep Alone

Drama2007113 minsDirector: Tsai Ming-liang

Acclaimed Taiwanese-Malaysian director Tsai Ming-liang returns with his muse and star Lee Kang-sheng in this romantic drama about loneliness, love and abuse in Kuala Lumpur.

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Drama202299 minsDirector: Craig Boreham

Fleeing a mysterious scandal in his hometown, rancher Casey heads to Sydney in search of shelter and connection. There he meets the similarly wounded Tib in this erotic Australian drama.

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Comedy201897 minsDirector: Gabriel Abrantes and Daniel Schmidt

Diamantino, Portugal’s (the world’s!) top football player, becomes embroiled in a genetic experiment and a conspiracy to leave the EU, in this joyful, postmodern political fantasy.

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Kamikaze HeartsKamikaze Hearts

Drama198687 minsDirector: Juliet Bashore

Juliet Bashore’s queer docufiction, starring Tigr and real-life girlfriend porn star Sharon Mitchell, was shot in and celebrates the heady days of the San Francisco underground in the 1980s.

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