François Truffaut

Our online tribute to a leading figure of the nouvelle vague.

A leading light of the nouvelle vague, François Truffaut made films that were innovative and personal yet highly accessible, writes season programmer Geoff Andrew

Though Truffaut (like Chabrol and early Godard) flirted with genre, he was essentially (like Rohmer) a humanist. For all his cinephilia and abiding interest – whether playful or allusive – in film form, his movies were primarily about people, particularly their emotional lives and their relationships with one another. Love, loss, loneliness; desire, doubt, disappointment; trust, betrayal, guilt: these preoccupations permeate his work. A former critic who felt his life had been transformed by the arts, he imbued his films with personal passions.


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Love on the RunLove on the Run

Drama197894 minsDirector: François Truffaut

Separated from Christine and uncertain about his latest relationship, Antoine (Jean-Pierre Léaud) has finally written a novel inspired by his own experiences in this final chapter of François Truffaut’s series.

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Stolen KissesStolen Kisses

Comedy196891 minsDirector: François Truffaut

Naively idealistic and largely inept both in his dealings with women and in any job, Antoine clumsily courts Christine while working for a private detective agency.

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Shoot the PianistShoot the Pianist

Crime196081 minsDirector: François Truffaut

A nightclub pianist conceals a secret past in Truffaut’s second feature - a breezy New Wave concoction of genre pastiche, playful stylistic tricks and romantic reverie.

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Bed and BoardBed and Board

Drama197097 minsDirector: François Truffaut

In this typically ambivalent comedy from Truffaut, Antoine Doinel (Jean-Pierre Léaud) becomes a father... But is he mature enough for parenthood?

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Antoine et ColetteAntoine et Colette

Drama196230 minsDirector: François Truffaut

François Truffaut’s wry, perceptive look at an inexperienced teenager’s first clumsy attempts at establishing a relationship with a more sophisticated young woman.

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Une belle fille comme moiUne belle fille comme moi

Drama197598 minsDirector: François Truffaut

Truffaut is at his most atypical with this black comedy about a young woman (a gleefully raucous Bernardette Lafont) rising from rural rags to richly ironic celebrity by means of murder.

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The Woman Next DoorThe Woman Next Door

Drama1981105 minsDirector: François Truffaut

Happily married Bernard (Gérard Depardieu) has his life is thrown into turmoil when Mathilde (Fanny Ardant) - an old flame - moves into the house opposite.

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Finally, Sunday!Finally, Sunday!

Comedy1983111 minsDirector: François Truffaut

A man suspected of a crime enlists a woman to prove his innocence in Truffaut’s Hitchcockian inspired serio-comic romantic thriller.

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Les MistonsLes Mistons

Drama195718 minsDirector: François Truffaut

Shot in and around Nîmes, Truffaut cast locals as adolescents spying on their crush, a girl called Bernadette, and her lover, Gérard.

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Anne and Muriel [aka Two English Girls]Anne and Muriel [aka Two English Girls]

Drama1971130 minsDirector: François Truffaut

Truffaut adopts a detached, delicate tone in treating the troubled ménage-à-trois that develops between a young French writer (Léaud) and two English sisters in the early 1900s.