Eyes on the Prize

Excellence comes at a price. That's the message of these films, as greed, frailty and ego obstruct the path to victory. Alan Clarke and Lindsay Anderson show the sharp end of fictional sporting heroes, while Kurosawa and Herzog take a different route.
A car race and a snooker musical complete the line up.
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This Sporting LifeThis Sporting Life

Sport1963129 minsDirector: Lindsay Anderson

Lindsay Anderson’s fantastic first feature masterfully dissects the brutal life struggles of a rough-edged rugby footballer on and off the field.

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The Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver SteinerThe Great Ecstasy of Woodcarver Steiner

Documentary197546 minsDirector: Werner Herzog

Werner Herzog’s moving portrait of a record-breaking ski jumper.

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Achilles' HeelAchilles' Heel

Sport197356 minsDirector: Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke’s film of a day in the life of a professional footballer as he deals with the newfound pressures of money, glamour and celebrity in the 1970s game.

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The Great GameThe Great Game

Comedy195277 minsDirector: Maurice Elvey

Goals and glamour go together in this high-scoring drama of football league corruption with Thora Hird, Diana Dors and John Laurie.

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Monty the LambMonty the Lamb

Short documentary200612 minsDirector: Paul Kelly

A day in the life of North London non-leaguers Hendon F.C., seen through the eyes of their club mascot, carpet fitter Dave Garner.

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Playing AwayPlaying Away

Sport1986102 minsDirector: Horace Ové

A cricketing comedy of manners exploring white and black stereotypes, from pioneering British filmmaker Horace Ové.

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The ShoutThe Shout

Drama197883 minsDirector: Jerzy Skolimowski

Cannes’ Grand Jury Prize was awarded to this unnerving drama about a man who claims to be able to kill people with a ‘terror shout’ learned from an Aboriginal shaman.

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Billy the Kid and the Green Baize VampireBilly the Kid and the Green Baize Vampire

Musical198590 minsDirector: Alan Clarke

Alan Clarke’s once derided feature is surely the only vampire snooker musical in cinema history and a genuine cult artefact ripe for rediscovery.

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Sanshiro SugataSanshiro Sugata

Crime194379 minsDirector: Akira Kurosawa

Kurosawa’s assured debut film about a young man’s spiritual journey through the study and practice of judo.

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Sanshiro Sugata part twoSanshiro Sugata part two

Crime194579 minsDirector: Akira Kurosawa

This sequel reunites most of the principal cast from the original and follows Sanshiro face a new set of enemies whilst continuing his quest to become a judo master.

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Comedy195383 minsDirector: Henry Cornelius

Classic British comedy about two vintage automobile enthusiasts racing from Brighton to London.

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Soapbox DerbySoapbox Derby

Children's195764 minsDirector: D'Arcy Conyers

Children’s Film Foundation adventure that sees a young Michael Crawford scrapping with a rival South London gang in Battersea.