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White God 15 rating

Winner of the 2014 Un Certain Regard prize at Cannes, a bold and visceral tale of canine uprising.

Drama 2014 121 mins

Director: Kornél Mundruczó


When tween trumpet-player Lili has to stay with her dad for a few days, he is not interested in taking care of her pet dog Hagen and in a fit of irritation leaves it by the side of the road. Bad idea. This sets off events that lead to a full-scale canine uprising in a film that blends a coming-of-age narrative, political allegory and horror-style revenge.

Filmed with a cast of 100 dogs and featuring staged scenes of animal cruelty, director Kornel Mundruczo has crafted an ambitious, visceral opus, rightfully earning plaudits at Cannes, including the Un Certain Regard prize, as well as the Palme Dog for best four-legged performance.