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Upstream Colour 12 rating

Shane Carruth’s startlingly original and beautifully conceived drama follows two lovers as they recover from infection by a mind-altering parasite.

Science Fiction 2013 96 mins

Director: Shane Carruth


One of the most startlingly original films of recent years, voted by Sight and Sound critics as one of the best of 2013, Upstream Colour is the long-awaited second feature from acclaimed director Shane Carruth (Primer). In elusive and elliptical style, it follows the two lovers’ recovery from the effects of a mind altering parasite, which they’ve been purposefully exposed to by a mysterious criminal.

A triumph of editing and sound design, Carruth’s balances its disturbing concept and bizarre imagery with gorgeous visuals and an entrancing ambient score to create an intoxicating sensory experience that lingers in the memory.