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The Outsider U rating

Paul L. Stein's gripping and romantic The Outsider features a famed osteopath (George Sanders) who treats a young disabled woman (Mary Maguire) with his unconventional methods - only to fall in love with her.

Medical drama 1939 91 mins

Director: Paul L. Stein



Paul L. Stein's provocative and gripping The Outsider is a medical mystery with plenty of drama and romance. Famed osteopath Anton Ragatzy (George Sanders) is known for his inventive and unconventional methods in curing conditions and illnesses. His newest patient, Lalage (Mary Maguire), is suffering from an alienating condition - and it's up to Dr. Ragatzy to help. The two work together for a few months and before long Ragatzy starts having feelings for his patient. Stein's film is exciting in its depiction of unusual medical treatment, yet tender in its approach to the central romance.

The Outsider is a remake of the 1931 film of the same name, and based on a play by Dorothy Brandon.