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The Immigrant 15 rating

Marion Cotillard plays a Polish immigrant struggling to survive in 1920s New York, in this acclaimed drama from James Gray (We Own the Night).

Drama 2013 117 mins

Director: James Gray



Fleeing Europe Ewa (Marion Cotillard), a young Polish woman, and her sister arrive in 1920s New York. Separated at Ellis Island, Ewa is taken in by Bruno (Joaquin Phoenix), a sly burlesque showman who forces Ewa into performance and prostitution. Ewa sees her only hope as Orlando the Magician (Jeremy Renner), who helps her raise money to free her sister.

With critically acclaimed director James Gray at the helm, The Immigrant is a powerful and moving film that takes inspiration from the silent melodramas from the period in which the film is set. Despite the stellar talent involved and an exceptional critical response since the film's Cannes debut, the film was mystifyingly denied a UK release in 2013 but is finally available for British audiences.