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The Girl on the Train 15 rating

Emily Blunt stars in the adaptation of the best-seller about a divorcee who entangles herself in the investigation of a missing young woman.

Thriller 2016 112 mins

Director: Tate Taylor



Based on the best-seller of the same name, The Girl on the Train is a story of intrigue, seduction, and pure danger. Alcoholic and alienated, Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) spends her days riding the train into New York City for days of wandering, drinking, and contemplating. On her commute, she notices her former neighbour Megan (newcomer Haley Bennett) with a man who’s not her husband. The next day, Megan goes missing. Rachel entangles herself in the investigating, creating suspicion among authorities and Megan’s husband (Luke Evans). What has Rachel done?

Director Tate Taylor (The Help, Get on Up) massively shifts gears for this atmospheric mystery, tackling a story readers know and love. Blunt gives her richest performance yet as a woman on the brink of giving up who finds a reason to keep going – until it leads her into danger. With a compelling cast ranging from Justin Theroux to Allison Janney, The Girl on the Train will grip you from the first frame and never let go.