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The Cottage 18 rating

Reece Shearsmith and Andy Serkis star in this startling mixture of tense crime thriller and gore-drenched horror comedy.

Comedy 2008 88 mins

Director: Paul Andrew Williams


Paul Andrew Williams surprised many observers by following his gritty, acclaimed crime film London to Brighton with this startling mixture of crime thriller and horror comedy.

Reece Shearsmith and Andy Serkis are two brothers attempting to kidnap the daughter of a crime boss, only to discover she’s much more resourceful than they imagined. But that’s only the start of their worries when they stumble into a nearby farm harbouring an extremely dangerous resident. Clearly having great fun, Williams mashes up conventions of crime and horror genres with glee, leading us onto a Grand-Guignol-style gore-fest that’s almost Jacobean in tone.