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The Cannibal Club 18 rating

The wealthy elite feed off the lower classes in a deliciously twisted Brazilian social satire that’s definitely not for the squeamish.

Comedy 2018 81 mins

Director: Guto Parente


Beneath the respectable façade of their privileged existence, affluent married couple Otavio and Gilda hide a very dark secret: a penchant for murdering and then eating their hired help. Their macabre fetish is one celebrated by the Cannibal Club, a secret society of like-minded elites run by powerful businessman Borges, of which Otavio is a long-standing member. But the tables dramatically turn when Gilda accidentally stumbles upon a secret about Borges, and the carnivorous couple suddenly find themselves the hunted. A tasty mix of grisly horror, pitch-black comedy and biting political satire, Guto Parente (My Own Private Hell) has prepared a dish of sex and violence so wickedly perverse, it might just put you off your dinner.